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DREAM.......we all love to see ,

          on our earth every single person have varity of dreams ,as someone have dream for own hut because they don't have own house,some one for food ,someone wants to be a  big player ,or for actor ,someone for car,bike,gold,boyfriend,girlfriend.....there are innumerable dreams loving peoples around the world...
             But there are very few people converted their dream in to real life....WHY?

Beacuse of their hard laboure behind their success..
they never beleave in spritual power that may fulfill
their dreams.they only beleave only they can earn their own dreams not other.
in other side  most of the people really don;t love to do that ,they always wait for some spritual power will come and fulfill their dream which not possible in real ....

we all love to eat  tasty fruits

        But...........don't like to prepare

a plant for having furuits....

  Do you love shortcut?

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