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what is money

what ever talent you have as writer,singer,actor,photographer,painter as many talents, if you unable to earn money by this talent so you are not a talented man.

If you don't have money you are not a respected man in our society .may be this is a piece of squire paper but value of the paper only he knows who don't have at all.

may be you have lots of money or few and can say money is not all about life .
But i can only say this is just next part of life i mean to say when you have money then you obeasly have food and also not hungry,only this situation you can say life is not about money...because you have that

But but who don't step up there money problem they can't think or imagine like you, they alwayas think about money ''if i have lots of money''

this people alowayas think if i got lots of money i will do something  for poor people.Bydefoult when some of this people got sudden money then they surpisingly changed their behavour ,,,now they are not hungry only for food they also hungry for ciger,alchohol and many bad habbits for.......

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