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why i am in small place

Man call me fish thats ok but why they catch me in a small place,we don't know what is our sin ,we can;t play wih my friends beacuse man bering us in their own home where a small water place ,we cant move as we want.

may be i don;t know we have long tail and wing thats why they catch us in their place,we cant fle from here because this is very hurd we cant break.

they give us limited food which is really boaring to eat but we have to eat this boaring food beacuse of hungryness.

can you never try to see our pathatic eye water..
oh.......sorry you will never see our pain beacuse it blends with white water.

some time we can;t take breath in jally water ,you man forget to change our old water,

if you dont care us please dont cathch us in a small place.

we cant protest for us,
          thats why you catch me ,is it humanity?

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