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What is fear....
                      Fear of God
.                      Fear of future
.                      Fear of failure
.                      Fear of pain
.                      Fear of death
Fear is a hidden devil who attack in
Alive people. This fear is very sharp and disaster, it makes your thought poison, it snached your peace and damage your wishes of live ,fear makes our mind scattere,hopeless, and weakened

It is really very awful and dislike feelings

We fear all to protest ,to change and in failure or hopeless. Some of us we fear from illness and pain.some one fear for his/her dear .some one fear from other's openion.
 Again someone fear in darkness or in alone, some one fear in death or after death activities of unknown fact

                or there are some people who fear for their sin ,they always thinking God is not forgive them .they not only fear for for death but also they fear to alive here.......

To be continue in next blog ,thank you .

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