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Tulsi Sobron of vegetables seller Assam, one day, heard the crying of a child from a bush and followed the tears and took a newborn baby girl child.

Thirty-year-old Soboran brings the baby daughter's baby to the chest, and her mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, is taking care of the primary tutor to cherish a unique beautiful idea.
The daughter of Palita, daughter of her adopted father, became a graduate student of the heart of meritorious students, earned education with computer science, public service commission, and was appointed directly Assistant Commissioner of Inchematex Officer.

Happy, you are blessed with the eternal Father Sobron and the blessed daughter of your adopted daughter. This is a great example of the thorny society filled with thorns, which is why the earth How many unknown worlds filled with diversity You are the ones who are eternal. In the eyes of these foolish idiots, Sobron is a living gem and his daughter is the gemstone.

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